Hi friends, Welcome to my fashion blog. Can you think of anyone who doesn’t want to look good? Can you think of someone who doesn’t want to wear great clothing? Probably not! I am sure that you will agree that just great clothing won’t be enough. It has to be a proper outfit, with the right mix, the footwear, and accessories. Add appropriate and you are ready for the world.

There is so much to discuss about fashion. Outfits for work, casual dressings for Fridays, formals for meetings, weekend outfits, dressing to go out with friends, outfits for music concerts, a sports game, a first date, and more!

I am a keen follower of the latest fashion trends. I go to the fashion shows at times, but even if I am unable to attend them all, I always make it a point to read up everything I can, and speak to people.

I will share all my ideas here. Do please follow my blog and let me know what you think. Post your comments and share if you like them.