Painted denim is an unusual, but excellent idea for a beautiful and colorful look. Rarely will you see people wearing painted jeans, so you can immediately draw attention and stand out from the crowd. And this style is easy to pull off too. They are actually much like normal jeans. Look at these painted denim outfit ideas. I am sure you will get some styling ideas from here.

White Tee, Black Blazer, And Blue Painted Jeans

jeans with blazer

This is a simple but stylish outfit. Wear your white tee shirt on the top and a slim fit black blazer on the top. This will form stylish layers. Pair the top by wearing cuffed blue skinny painted jeans. This should go well with toe heels.

Shirt With Painted Boyfriend Denim

You can also wear painted jeans with a shirt. To make this outfit, wear your oversized black shirt and pair it with your cuffed grey painted boyfriend denim. For footwear, you can go for low top white sneakers. This should be a playful and fun outfit, which I am sure you are going to enjoy wearing to look different.

Jeans With Hat, Sweater And Scarf

painted jeans with sweater

Here is a unique and artistic layered outfit, and it can be formed easily as well. Wear your knit grey sweater with light grey silk scarf. Now pair with painted light blue boyfriend jeans. Finish your look by wearing a straw hat on top and pointed toe heels at the bottom for a fab look.

Denim With Hat, Heels, And Grey Sweater

tee with windbreaker and jeans

This will be a very refreshing grey and blue look. Wear your light blue knit chunky sweater for the top. And for footwear, try grey leather pointed toe high heels. Finally, wear your grey knit hat and you will look unique and cozy.

This is going to be an extremely well made street outfit, both casual and stylish. For the top, wear your oversized grey windbreaker over a pink tee shirt. Now pair with your painted grayish blue slim fit denim. You can wear black sandals with this. Carry a metallic silver clutch to complete your look.

Blue Painted Jeans, Chunky Sweater

This outfit too will be extremely casual, stylish, and cozy – perfect for the street style. All you have to do is just wear your chunky grey knit sweater with a cuffed light blue printed boyfriend jeans. Now pair with metallic silver low-top sneakers. For accessories, carry a large white leather handbag to add a shiny touch.

Floral Painted Denim With White Blouse

white blouse and painted jeans

At the top, wear your chiffon white blouse. Now pair it with skinny light blue floral printed denim. At the top, you can wear low top white sneakers. Carry your leather white purse to show off a breezy and refreshing vibe.

White Linen Shirt With Painted Light Blue Denim

This is the right outfit for you if you believe in the ‘less is more’ concept. Just wear your slim fit button-up linen shirt and pair it with cuffed light blue skinny painted jeans. This will go well with open toe silver heels and a nifty white leather shoulder purse. You will look like a minimalist fashionista in this outfit.