Lately, I am being drawn to the midi style like never before. I am shopping everywhere, online, at the fashion brands, and the local stores. You name it, I am there for the midi style. Yes, my finances are taking a hit surely, but I am feeling good. And I believe I look good in the midi dress as well.

lace midi dress

Clearly, I am addicted to the midi dress, but this is one style that looks good on almost all women. It is practical, comfortable, great to wear, and fabulous to look at.

Midi – It refers to a length, which is past the knees or around them. They can be flowy, pencil, tight, printed, A-line, polished, refined, casual, leather, dressy, evening. You can wear one in different styles and look awesome in them all. In other words, there is no fixed way of wearing the midi style. There is absolutely no rule when it comes to styling your midi dress.

striped midi dress

It is also a good fit for every occasion and body type. In fact, wearing the midi, you might even be able to go from one event to another without changing, but still looking apt. All you need to change is probably just your shoes. Plus, there are so many midi styles out there that you are never going to get bored of wearing it. That’s precisely why I believe the midi must surely be the best style out there.

As you can imagine, I have quite a few of them, but if I have to list just a few must-have styles, then the following will surely make it. Check them out.

My Must-Have Midi Dress Styles

black midi dress

Midi Fluid Dress – Inspired from the 1970s, this is one of my favorites. They usually have short-cape-style or long sleeves and floral prints, much like a Capri holiday or the Sophia Loren look. You can wear it to office in the spring, to weddings, cocktail parties, and even for fashion meetings. It’s a great mix of glam, retro, and sophistication. Makes you appear like a diva.

Inspired From The 1990s – A slip dress version with elements of retro style. But you will still find vibes from the 70s. High slit, spaghetti straps, and silky! Bare back! I love this kind of dress in just one color.

bodycon midi outfit

The Bodycon Dress – The bodycon midi dress is extremely popular. It is often a go-to-outfit to show off a sexy look. This outfit is more appropriate for the party, evening, or club than the street style or office. You will often see the Kardashians wearing this dress style like a paired top or pencil skirt. This season too, the bodycon will remain a big trend, but it is gradually becoming a casual day-time outfit with fabrics like jersey or light knits.

midi dress trend

Casual Midi Dress – This is a great go-to dress for almost every occasion. You can wear to work with flats or sneakers. It also looks good with high heels or ankle boots.