Fashion often goes around in circles, so we sometimes see trends coming back every few years. However, having said this, every new year or season, we see things that are new and innovative. They are sometimes completely fresh, and sometimes, an upgrade of a trend of the last year or years.

So what are we going to see new in 2019? We can get some idea by looking at the runways in recent times and what the fashion houses have been coming out with in recent times. Here’s my list of the fashion trends for 2019. Do read up and let me know what you think.

Oversized Hats

oversized hat outfit

If you have gone through the Instagram feeds from last summer, you might have seen Jacquemus La Bomba hat. It now seems like, many brands are coming out with similar items that can achieve cult status. They are bringing out their own versions, and I have to agree, it is looking good.

Boyish Shorts

shorts london fashion week

Cycling shorts were hot last year. But this year, it seems, things are becoming a bit looser. Margaret Howell was seen wearing these shorts in the runways of London Fashion Week 2018. So instead of knee-length, micro, tailored skirts, we may be seeing the emergence of boyish alternatives during the summer months.

Hippy Modernism

linen slip dress

Many designers worked on the New Boho trend of the season. There are sensual, long and languid dresses. This might extend to crochet pieces, raffia accessories and amulet jewelry, inspired by designs picked up from yoga ashrams of India, or pilgrimages to Ibiza. Lisa Marie Fernandez, Chloé and Diesel are already coming out with their versions.

Low Key Utility

Virgil Abloh came out with the ‘accessomorphosis’ concept last June at the Louis Vuitton menswear show. This year, you can expect many fashion houses, such as Chanel and others to bring out their own versions of the theme. Many designers are even likely to take the unexpected line, which may surprise us.

Tight Pleats

tight pleated outfit

Pleats are back, and this time, they are much more intricate. You will see them now tighter than before. Micro pleats are providing maximum impact, by allowing not just more movement, but the silhouettes are more fluctuating as well because they are contracting and expanding.

Square Toes

Over the last few years, you might have seen a revival of the trends from the 1990s with satin skirts, slip dresses, fluffy accessories, and even frosted lip shades. And now we are seeing this 90s trend emerging down the street. The square toe is making a comeback, thanks to the high-heeled boots of Cavalli, flats and satin pumps of Erdem. Brand such as Eckhaus Latta put up square toed boots at the AW19 show.

Puffed Shoulders

puffed shoulder outfit

There is nothing new with bold shoulders. But instead of boxy, padded pieces, this season, they will be much more puffier. They look good on square necklines when pleats of elastic gather at the shoulder.


neon outfits

Neon dresses have been popular for the last couple of seasons. I think this trend is going to get stronger this year. We might see more vibrant zesty hues this time.