Denim and ankle boots is a perfect fashion match. There are plenty of ways to wear them too. In fact, there are so many options that selecting the best look can often become a challenge. Here are some ways you can wear jeans with your ankle boots. You will never have to think again how to pair this.

Trim The Hems

trimmed hem jeans

The frayed denim look can be wonderful. You can also flaunt your short boots by trimming the hems of your denim by just a short bit. You should be able to do this easily and quickly. Wear the ankle boots and your denim and stand in front of a mirror. Mark the level where you want to cut with a washable marker or chalk. Now cut it off from the mark using a sharp fabric scissor.

The Clean Hem

clean hem look

If you cannot roll up the denim or if the skinny jean is so long that your boots cannot be seen, then all you have to do is just fold the hems of the jeans inward. This will create a cuff that won’t be visible. This will give it a more polished effect that those rolled cuffs, which is very handy when you want to dress up. Your denim will look as if it has been custom altered. Just iron the hems so that the cuffs remain flat.

Tuck Into Your Boots

skinny jeans with boots

There shouldn’t be any layering under skinny jeans. So tucking the skinnies under the ankle boots is always a bright idea. It is always look very good with snugger, longer denim that will stay when you wear with shorter boots.

Wider Cropped Jeans

wider cropped jeans

You will be able to give an instant style update to your wider straight leg cropped denim when you wear it with ankle boots instead of your pumps or flats.

Matching The Denim And Boots

match boots and denim

When you wear ankle boots with skinny jeans, you will have an unbroken leg line, which will give you a lean and long silhouette. Just remember to match the color of the boots with the shade of your denim. Wear inky black skinny denim with matte black leather or black suede boots to have the skinniest effect.

Roll The Cuffs

rolled up denim ankle boots

This is a wonderful casual way of wearing denim with ankle boots. Just roll it up, provided, of course, your denim is not too tight at the ankles. This way, you will also be able to show off your booties as well. Wear a straight leg jeans or boyfriend jeans, cuffing it just above your ankle. This will be even better if you have some heel.

Alternatively, you can also wear the slim cuffs, where the roll up would be slimmer. Just casually flip it up to show off your ankle boots.

For The Winter

cropped jeans with ankle socks

In the winter, your ankles can freeze if you wear short boots with skinny cropped jeans. So wear tall socks for bridging the gap. This will be a good choice for a casual weekend look. In this way, you can wear cropped denim even if it’s cold outside.