Yes, when you are dressing for work, you want to achieve the perfect balance between professional and personal style. This isn’t easy for everyone. Far too many ladies face problems when putting together work outfits. But it doesn’t have to be like this. It is actually quite easy to dress well for the office. It just comes down to just having the right work wardrobe essentials. You should be able to do it quite easily if you have pieces that are office-friendly, and yet, clothing that makes you feel excited. You will then never have to stare at your wardrobe and wonder what to wear.

work outfit

Once you have what you need, it will be much easier for you to create an outfit. Here are a few wardrobe essentials you must have for the work place. Take a look.

Checked Blazer

The checked blazer will be always good for the workplace in the right season, irrespective of what else you wear. It is going to pull your entire outfit seamlessly. There are so many ways of wearing a blazer too – wear it with your printed dress, black jeans, formal trousers, or anything in between.

Slip Skirts

skirt outfit

A slip skirt goes very well with a checked blazer, flats, and t-shirt. You will have a cool outfit that you can modify slightly to wear again and again. It’s an easy to wear work uniform. The satin slip skirt is also be a very good day-to-night piece.

Flowy Dress

Most girls will wear the flowy dress only in the summer. That’s a pity because you really want to be seen more often in that pretty outfit. You can easily update the dress for fall – just layer it over your pants. It can be cotton trousers or denim.

Button Up With Trouser

scarf outfit

Color co-ordinate to make it look even better. For instance, you can wear dark blue pants with your light blue button down. Add a violet scarf and blue heels and you are done. This will look nice because these colors are very close in the color wheel. You can also add a little bit of green in your heels. Try this formula with other colors, such as forest green, burgundy, gray, and black. Select a color that looks best on you.

A scarf that is vibrant can easily add color to the office outfit. Just ensure that the fabric is thin – it can be silk too. It won’t be good to wear a chunky knit scarf throughout the day.

Cardigan With Sheath Dress

cardigan work outfit

Wear tights with your skirts or dresses for the workplace. Go for black or nude tights. Make sure that your tights have a wide waistband to smooth the hips, tummy, rear, and thighs. You will look leaner, longer, and taller with darker tights, especially when you wear with black pumps. Black tights and black pumps will create a single continuous line that makes you look taller.